Our Story

 Welcome  to Tysid Sports Gear, the company behind the revolutionary Victory  Soccer Rebounder.  It is the only product that converts a soccer goal to  a rebounder in a few minutes. No more drawing straws for who gets to  retrieve balls from the goal or act as keeper. No more shooting into an  empty goal. No more shooting against a wall. The patented Victory Soccer  Rebounder allows anyone to set it up with a extension pole and custom  made hooks that fit almost any goal frame.

 The Eliminator Deluxe Soccer Rebounder converts a soccer goal into a  rebounder or a net in a few minutes. The 2 in 1 design allows for  rebound practice or switch to a net and works great for pick up games or  practices for coaches. Uses the same patented design as the Victory  with an extension pole for easy access to the cross bar and custom hooks  that fit most goal frames. Everything comes in a bag making it  completely portable and it weighs under 15 pounds.