Does the Victory and Eliminator fit on any goal?


So far we have not found a regulation goal that it will not work on. It works on square, round, oval and rectangular tubes.TIP: On some large square tubes the hooks have popped off when the ball hits high on the net. Turn the hook open face out and it solves the problem.TIP: If you keep popping hooks off the top bar you may have too much vertical tension. Try unscrewing the ground screw to raise the net a little or remove one and use only one ground screw in the middle. The tension should come from the sides.

Can I use this on a smaller goal?


Yes. The netting is made of 4mm PE which is plenty strong to hold the required tension. Simply adjust the size by hooking into the appropriate rung of netting to fit your goal.

Will the hook break if I hit it directly with a ball or pull hard on it?


No. It is made of ABS. It is designed to flex instead of break. If pulled too hard it will release from the goal. This design was intentional to add rebound and security if a player falls into the net or tries to climb it, the net will release from the goal before damage is done to either the player or the goal.

Will the ground screw go into hard dirt or clay?


Yes. This product was designed and tested in Colorado with a very hard layer under the grass.TIP: Use one section of the extension pole through the triangle on the ground screw for leverage in hard soil.SAFETY TIP: Always make sure the goal is secured to the ground before using. Goals can tip over causing injury or even death!TIP: If the goal is not secure you can use one of the ground screws and a bungy ball locker to secure the goal to the ground. Screw the ground screw in just behind the goal and strap around the goal with a bungy ball locker. Make sure the bungy ball locker is tight around the goal not loose. You can buy an additional ground screw from us or at most local pet stores.

What if I am not tall enough to reach up high to secure the bungy ball locker?


The design is to use 8 hooks on top and 2 hooks on the upper sides. If you are tall enough to reach use the bungy ball lockers on the sides for better rebound, if not use the extension pole and the ABS hooks.

Is this durable?


We chose materials based on assumed abuse of the product. It will get thrown around, stuffed in cars, piled on in garages. The netting is 4mm UV Treated PE. The pole is lightweight steel, the hooks are ABS. There is a 2 year warranty on the product and replacement parts are available.TIP: The portability, easily installation and quick removal of the product allows you to minimize exposure of the product to the elements, maintenance crews and vandalism which is what causes the most damage to soccer netting. No more sun dried netting, weed-wacker holes or torn netting from someone trying to use it as a hammock. Take it down and store it inside.